what is software testing?All detail with examples.

What is software testing? All detail with examples.


What is software testing?


Why Software Testing is Important

Types of software testing.


what is software testing


What is software testing?

Many questions arise about “what is software testing?”Here is an answer to what is software testing?

Such a type of activity that is performed to check the actual results that must match to expected results is called as software testing. This technique ensures that the software system has no defect. In this process execution of software with components take place. These are executed to get desired results for the system or software.

Software testing helps us to identify bug, errors, gaps or missing requirements. It compares all these error and bugs with actual requirements. It is done manually or also by using automated tools. Mostly White Box and Black Box Testing are done. In short, software testing means verification of any software, application or system.


Why Software Testing is Important?

Testing is very important because it indicates bugs, errors. That can be expensive or harmful for our organization.
Software bugs can harm human life and financial too. History is full of such a type of example.

Examples of Failure due to Bugs:

  • In 2015, the Bloomberg terminal in London crash due to software error affects more than 300,000 traders.
  • Many accidents occur due to software failures.
  • At the store, coffee service for free due to errors in the transaction process.
  • Amazon’s third-party retailers’ product price is reduced up to 1p.
  • In 2015 fighter plane F-35 fell down, unable to detect targets, due to errors in system software.
  • China Airlines Airbus A300 crash on April 26, 1994, killing 264 innocent live. This was done just because of bugs.
  • In April of 1999, loss $1.2 billion due to a bug in their software. This is the costliest accident in world history.
  • In 1996, about 823 customers were credited by 920 million US dollars in their bank account.


Software Testing Types:

what is software testing

The following are some types of software testing that help you to explain software testing more efficiently.

Manual Testing:
In this process, the software is testing manually to find the defects in output. A tester should have to ensure to a customer about all working requirements. In this test process, all tests are done manually without the use of automation tools.

Automation Testing:
This type of testing contains many automation tools. These tools help to test the software. In this process, all function is tested by automation tools.

Some tools that are used as tester tools are:

  • Selenium

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