what is plotter

What is plotter? Full detail of all types of plotter with examples.

What is plotter? All types of plotter

What is Plotter:

There are many output devices. Now you can read about “what is plotter and its types with examples”.A plotter is an output device that helps to vector graphics in hard-form. A simple plotter is an output device that draws the picture on paper.

This picture is drawn with the help of computer instruction. Such as construction maps, architectural plans, architecture layouts, business charts, ship designs, big canvas prints, and engineering drawings.
We draw a picture with the help of pens.

These pens are of many types on the basis of color. A multicolor plotter is also used for a different color in the picture. Plotters are more expensive than printers.

Mostly plotters are used by engineers. We can use plotter in the computer system as well as a separate device. On the basis of printing quality, quantity and size, plotters are of many types.


What is plotter’s Applications:

There are many applications that help in the working of plotter. As command is given with the help of these applications.

  • Computer-aided designs(CAD)
  • Architectural Blueprints
  • Building plans
  • Line Art
  • Draw charts
  • Electric circuit layouts
  • Billboards and Banners
  • Geographical layouts
  • Textile Printing


What is plotter type:

Following are types of plotter

  • Drum Plotter
  • Flat-Bed Plotter
  • Pinch Roller Plotters


Drum Plotter:

The drum plotter was the first output device for printing graphics. A drum plotter contains a pen, drum, paper, and ink for output. In this drum rotates the pages and pens draw the images on papers. The drum rotates to change the position of the paper. The length of image is limited. It is because of the limited size of the drum. There are two types of drum plotter


1.External drum plotter:
In external drum, the plotter paper is wrapped on external surface.


2.Internal drum plotter:
An internal drum plotter, we use a sheet of paper wrapped internally.


what is drum plotter


Flatbed Plotter:

A flatbed plotter is used with many CAD programs for designs. In this plotter writing pen move x-axis and y-axis direction to draw the image. The papers remain stationary on the surface of the flatbed plotter. Different types of pens are used to draw a colorful sketch. The size of the images depends on the size of the flatbed plotter.


what is flatbed plotter

Pinch Roller Plotters:

In this type of plotter, pen moves in the opposite direction of the roller.
Following are types of Pinch Roller Plotters

  • Electrostatic Plotters
  • Inkjet Plotters
  • Cutting Plotter

Electrostatic Plotters:

Many plotters produce vector graphics. In electrostatic plotters, we produce raster graphics. Toner ink is used to produce dot-matrix pixels. Dot matrix pixels are generated on the paper by using a toner ink. Graphics are created with the help of high voltage charges on paper.

These charges attract toner ink on paper to draw an image. The plotter creates high voltage charges. Further, these charges attract the toner ink (dry or liquid) on paper to draw computer-aided designs.

The image quality of this plotter is not good, but working is fast than other plotters. It is available in the market at cheap price.

Inkjet Plotter:

The inkjet plotter is a type of Pinch Roller Plotter. It creates an image by spraying small drops of ink on the paper.
Inkjet Plotter is generally used to attract the customer.

It creates a very colorful image to get large output. Advertising agencies and graphic designers use this plotter for banners and billboards.
These plotters are available on different models.

  • Thermal inkjet plotters
  • Piezoelectric plotters


inkject plotter


Cutting Plotter:

This new generation device that helps you to cut different shapes.Mostly this type of plotter used for sign making, billboard advertising, and vehicle graphics.

What is plotter? All types of plotter

The cutting plotters produce ready-cut Mylar or vinyl lettering and graphics. In these plotters, automated plotter knives cut into the desired output.

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