What is Data Link Layer |Definition am7s

What is Data Link Layer |Definition am7s


What is Data Link Layer:

This layer performs the most reliable delivery of data from node to node.All packets change into frames.It receive frames from network layer and gives it to physical layer. This layer synchronizes the information which is transmit over the data.
This layer also detect error in bits.This layer also remove the errors.Outgoing messages are assemble into frames in this layer.Acknowledgements is also receive after receiving of data into other layer. The main function of the this layer is to transform a raw transmission facility into a line.It appears free of undetected transmission errors to the network layer.


Data Link Layer


Functions of Data Link Layer:

The frames are the streams of bits.These streams of bits receive from the network layer.The division of stream of bits is also done by this Layer.
Physical Addressing:
This layer adds a header to the frames.These order of frames define physical address of both sender or receiver.
Flow Control:
It control the flow mechanism,it prevents traffic jam at the receiver side.
Error Control:
In this layer also help in error control.This layer also help in duplication of frames.
Access Control:
It help to give control to right device if more than 1 devices are connected.


Problem in Data Link Layer:

  • Broadcast networks, How to control access to the share channel.
  • The Medium Access Control(MAC) sub-layer cause problem.
  • Data link layer make sure to send error free data.
  • Receiving and transmitting data frames and to manage these bits.


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