What is compiler?History of Compiler.

What is compiler? The full history of a Compiler.

What is  compiler:

A compiler is a program that translates the computer code of one programming language into another programming language. In short compiler change source code into target code.

Primarily the word compiler is used for programs that help to translate high-level programming language to a lower-level programming language.



History of compiler construction:

Theoretical computing concepts were developed by many scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. During World War II the basis of digital modern computing development.

Binary languages evolved because digital devices only understand 0s and 1s. Assembly language was developed in late 1940. This was created to work on computer architectures.

As in early time-limited memory capacity cause any problem for the compiler. So compilation codes were divided into many small programs for execution.
In a compiler, a code is divided into some parts such as a Front end and Back end. The front end programs produce the analysis products.

While the back end programs used to generate target code. It is very easy for a human to form code in the high-level language. The same compiler can change easily high-level language into low-level language.


What is compiler?

What is compiler Elements of formal languages:

Following are some elements in the compiler

A finite set of symbols.
A finite sequence of symbols.
Set of strings on an alphabet.

It defines the set of rules to define the sentences in a language.

Backus–Naur Form (BNF):
It describes the syntax of sentences of a language. John Backus uses this for the syntax of Algol 60.
This idea was to derive from Context-Free Grammar (CFG). As CFG concepts were given by Noam Chomsky.

Plan Calculus:
In the 1940s, Konrad Zuse design an algorithmic programming language called Plankalkul.
While actual implementation occurs in the 1970s.

High-level language design during the formative years:

FORTRAN (Formula Translation):

This is the first high-level language. This language was developed for engineering and science applications.
COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language):

This language evolves from A-0 and FLOW-MATIC. This high-level language becomes the dominant language for business applications.
LISP (List Processor):

This language develops for symbolic computation.

Compiler technology developed for the transformation of the high-level source language to low-level language or target program.The compiler view instruction into ways. First is the first end and the second is the back end.




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