What is cathode ray tube with working?

What is cathode ray tube with working?



What is cathode ray tube?

What is cathode ray tube working?

Advantages of CRT

Disadvantages of CRT


What is cathode ray tube



What is cathode ray tube?

CRT stands for cathode ray tube. It is a specialized vacuum tube. It is used to produce images by striking the electron beams on a phosphorescent surface. It is also called “Picture tube”. It is because the CRT used in a computer display is very similar to the “picture tube” on a TV (Television) receiver.

Basic components of CRT:

A CRT consists of many basic components like electron guns, the anodes, deflecting coils, and electromagnetic field.

Electron guns:
They are used to generate a narrow beam of electrons.
They are used to accelerate the electrons.
Deflecting coils:
These coils are used to produce an extremely low frequency. There are two sets of deflecting coils known as horizontal coins and vertical coins.
Electromagnetic field:
It allows for the constant adjustment of the electron beam’s directions.

Working of CRT:

In the CRT there are three electron guns known as red guns, green guns, and blue guns. Each of these guns streams a flow of electrons for each line of the monitor. The direction of this flow of electrons is from left to right. The electrons hit the phosphors on the CRT. The phosphorus glows with certain intensities.

When the new line begins, the guns begin at the left and continue to right. This process is repeated by the guns until the screen is completely drawn line by line. Sometimes this process is repeated thousand times to draw the screen completely.
The CRT should be refreshed. It is because when the phosphors on CRT are hit with electrons, they only glow for a short period of time. Refreshing the CRT means the process will be repeated as explained above. For making the CRT different applications, the color, brightness and the persistence of the illumination can be varied by the use of different kinds of phosphors. As you read What is cathode ray tube, now read more. We will read about the advantages and disadvantages of CRT


Advantages of CRT:

  • CRT can increase the brightness of the monitor by reflecting light.
  • CRT can produce more colors.
  • CRT is of low cost.
  • The quality of the image displayed on CRT is much better than LCD
  • CRT color features are highly excellent.
  • CRT has a fast response time.
  • CRT is the best of moving or changing images.
  • CRTs are less expensive.
  • CRTs Gaussian beam profile produces images with a softer edge.
  • CRTs are best for rapid moving images.


Disadvantages of CRT:

  • CRT has a very big back.
  • CRT takes up space on the desk.
  • CRT monitors cause health hazards to living cells functions.
  • CRT’s constant refreshing feature becomes a headache.
  • CRT needs a very high voltage to operate.
  • High voltage can overheat the system.
  • The overheated system may result in an implosion.
  • CRT is large and heavy.
  • CRT flickers at 50-80 Hz.
  • CRT may generate a geometrical error at edges.

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