What is a projector? Advantages and disadvantages of projectors?

What is a projector? Advantages and disadvantages of projectors?


What is a projector?

How projectors are being used today?

Advantages of projector?

Disadvantages of projector?

Guidelines before using a projector?

What is a projector

What is a projector?

Does one question arises what is a projector? A projector is an output device. It takes images that are generated by the computer or blue-ray player and then reproduces these images by projection onto a screen, wall, or any other surface. Projectors can produce still (slides) or moving images(video). The size of a projector is similar to the size of a toaster and weighs only a few pounds.

A projector comes in different shapes and sizes. Commonly they are about a foot long and wide a few inches tall. Generally, projectors are portable. They can be used wherever there is a bright surface. Most projectors also have multiple output sources like HDMI ports for newer equipment, VGA ports for older devices and some projectors support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well.


What is a projector Uses:

There is a list of all the different ways projectors can be used today:

  • It can be projected to a PowerPoint presentation at a business meeting.
  • It can be projected onto a computer screen to teach in school.
  • It can be projected onto a TV
  • It also uses a computer for a movie on a big screen.

Advantages and disadvantages of Projector:

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Advantages of projectors:

  • It is easy to set up.
  • No technical training is needed.
  • You can understand the use of projectors.
  • It is a low cost.
  • It is space-saving.
  • Largest possible view generator.
  • suitable for large and small audiences.
  • you don’t have to show your back to the audience.
  • slides set and projectors are easy to carry.
  • preparation of slides is very easy and not so expensive



Disadvantages of projectors:

  • A blown bulb can spoil all your hard work.
  • A power failure can also destroy all your hard work.
  • Image quality can be a problem.
  • To use a projector darkening of the room is necessary.
  • The amount of information in one slide is limited.
  • The overhead projectors may be costly for some.
  • Moving it around needs much care.
  • It can heat up when used for a long period of time.
  • when over-heated, transparencies can be damaged.


Guidelines before using projectors:

  • Make sure the projectors are available and it is working when needed.
  • Organize transparencies according to proper sequence.
  • Use pointer to point out important details.
  • Check the location/position of the projector.
  • Turn the projectors off when changing transparencies.


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