What are types of keyboard with examples?

What is keyboard? Types of keyboard with examples?


What is a keyboard?

Types of keyboard

Advantages of keyboard

Disadvantages of keyboard



Types of keyboard


What is a keyboard?

Before Types of keyboard, we study about the keyboard. A keyboard is a computer hardware device that is used to input text, characters, numbers, special symbols, and other commands into the computer. It is the most basic and easy way for users to interact or communicate with the computer. The keyboard is a peripheral device in a desktop system. It is an essential part of a complete computer system.

The number of keys on keyboards varies from model to model but most of the companies use the PC with 104 keys as a de-factor-standard.

There are many hardware makers producing varieties of keyboards but the most popular physical keyboard manufacturers are Microsoft and Logitech.


Types of keyboard:

  1. Laptop keyboards:

A laptop keyboard is arranged differently from the desktop keyboard. Most of the laptop keyboards are made smaller by placing keys closer and by including the Fn Key. The Fn Key help in conjunction. As it works with other keys to perform special functions

  1. Smartphone and tablet keyboards:

The smartphone and tablet keyboards utilize a thumb keyboard or on-screen keyboards for typing messages and to enter text into various fields. These types of devices (smartphone & tablet) do not come with physical keyboards, physical keyboards are may purchased as an optional peripheral add-on.



Advantages of keyboards:

  • Very small training is required to use a keyboard.
  • Varieties of the keyboard are available.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is reliable and cheap.
  • It enables the fast entry of text in any document.
  • It is a well-known technology.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is usually supplied with the computer so no extra cost.


Disadvantages of the keyboard:

  • It is very slow for accessing the menus.
  • Difficult to use when you want to move objects around the screen.
  • data entry is time-consuming if you are not a skilled typist.
  • It takes a lot of desk space.
  • Users with limited arm use cannot use it for a long time.
  • Virtual keyboards are hard to get used to.
  • It may cause sore wrists and arms.

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