What are uses of speakers with its advantages.

What are the uses of speakers with its advantages and disadvantages?

What is a Speaker?

What are uses of speakers?

advantages and disadvantages of speaker

Advantages of speakers

Disadvantages of speakers


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What is a Speaker?

As we are going to tell you about the uses of speakers. Speaker is defining as it is a  device that helps to converts the analog audio signals into audible sound. In simple word, a computer speaker is an output device which we connect with the computer to generate sound.

The computer‘s sound card is used to create signals which produce sound.some speakers are designed in a way that they only work with the computer while some others are hooked up to any type of sound system. The speakers receive input from a device like a computer or an audio receiver.

This input can be either in analog or digital form.

  • Analog speakers: They amplify the analog electromagnetic waves into sound waves.
  • Digital Speakers: They first convert the digital input to an analog signal and then generate sound waves.

The sound which is produced by speakers is defined by frequency and amplitude.

The frequency determines how high or how low the pitch of the sound is. Some speakers include many speaker cones for different frequency ranges. These ranges are very helpful in producing more accurate sounds for each range such as two-way speakers, mid-range speakers, three-way speakers, and subwoofer.

Amplitude/ loudness is determined by the change in air pressure which is created by the sound waves of speakers. some signals produced by some audio sources are not very high like a computer‘s sound card. They then need to be amplified by the speakers.


Uses of speakers:

There are some uses of speakers as given below.

  • Speakers are used to output sound from multimedia presentations.
  • Speakers are directly connected with the computer.
  • Speakers are used in home entertainment centers.
  • Speakers play downloaded sound files.
  • Speakers require to play sound files attached to multimedia presentations and websites.
  • Speakers are used by computers and MP3 players to lay music from CDs and DVDs.


Advantages of speakers with uses of speakers:

  • The versatility of size and deployment
  • They can be placed anywhere near the computer. (i.e., left side, right side, backside, the front side of the computer).
  • Wireless speakers are also available.
  • They come in pairs.
  • They are very easy to separate.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • They are easily attached to the computer.
  • No technical training is required to use speakers.
  • They produce accurate sounds.
  • They are externally connected with computers.

They can be attached and used with other devices like MP3 players as well.

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Disadvantages of speakers with uses of speakers:

  • They need extra space.
  • Wireless speakers are expensive.
  • some wireless systems have a shorter range.
  • Possible interference from other radio equipment or other radio microphones.
  • Working time depends on battery life.