What is impact printer?All types of impact printer with examples.

What is impact printer?All types of  printer with examples.


What is printer?

Types of printer.

Impact printer

Non impact printer

Examples of non impact printer


Impact printer



Such a type of output device that prints characters, symbols, and graphics on paper. The printed output is hard-copy form.As it is permanent images.While soft-copy refers to temporary images.Temporary images display on a monitor,LED,LCD etc.

According to image working,size and its quality ,printer is divided into two types.

  • Impact Printer
  • Non-Impact printer

Impact printers:

It is a type of printer that work by striking plastic head against an ink ribbon.The mechanism of  this printer same to typewriter.The ink ribbon is press against the paper.Then marking the page with the appropriate character,line, dot, or symbol.
There are some examples of impact printers,such as dot matrix, daisy-wheel and ball printers.

Dot-matrix printer:

This type of printer contains a print head of small pins.These pins strike an ink-ribbon to form images or output.
Print heads are available with different number of pins such as 9, 18, or 24 pins.The 24-pin head produce the best quality of output.
This printers print about 40-300 characters per second (cps).It can print some graphics, although quality is poor.
Color ribbons are available for color images or output.These printers are noisy and inexpensive.


Impact printer


Daisy-Wheel Printer:

Such a type of printer that produce letter-quality type.Daisy-wheel is a serial printer.It works on the same principle as a ball-head typewriter. In daisy wheel there is a disk made of plastic or metal.There are many characters on the outer edge of disk.
Printer rotates the disk for printing.in this way a hammer strikes the disk, forcing the character to hit an ink ribbon.
You can change the daisy wheel to change the fonts of output.It cannot print graphics.They are noisy and slow.It can print from 10 to about 75 characters per second.

Line Printer:

Such a type of printer that have capacity for printing an entire line at one time are called line printer.Fast line printer can print 3,000 lines per minute.These printers cannot print graphics.The print quality of line printer is low.These printers are very noisy.

Non-impact Printers:

Now a days everyone use non-impact printers.As non-impact printer are faster and quieter.Non-impact printers form images or characters without contact between paper.
On the basis of working non-impact printer are of two types.

  • Ink-jet printer
  • Laser Printer


Impact printer



Laser Printer:

A laser printer creates images with dots,like dot-matrix printer.However,in a photocopying machine, these images are creates on a drum.There are some reasons why laser printers are so popular.They produce sharp images of text and graphics.It provide resolutions from 300 dpi up-to 1200 dpi.
They are fast and quiet. They can print 4 to 32 text pages are printed in microcomputers.While more than 120 pages per minute are printed for mainframes.They can print in different fonts size and styles.It can also print in different colors.
Laser printer’s command is store in RAM chips to store documents for output. Laser printers also have its own ROM chips.This printers also have small dedicated processor for working.


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Ink-jet printer:

As like,laser and dot-matrix printers.Ink-jet printers also form images with small dots.This printers spray small, electrically charge droplets of ink from four nozzles.Then through holes it spread over paper to produce output.
This printers can print in color.

It is also quieter and much less expensive than laser printer.These printers are slower and print in lower resolution (300-720 dpi).But some new,ink-jet printers print up-to 1200 or 1400 dpi.But they are very expensive.While using color print it take much time to produce output.Maybe it take 10 minutes to produce results.


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