What is Computer Virus? Complete detail about all types of computer virus.

What is Computer Virus? Complete detail about all types of computer virus.


What is Computer virus

types of computer virus


What is Computer virus:

Here you study computer viruses and types of computer virus. A computer virus is a program or malicious software that replaces with an original piece of any other code in the file. It affects our data on a computer or any other device.

Types of computer virus antivirus:

There are different types of computer virus or malware. Even, some kinds of viruses are not too hazardous. But some viruses really damage the computers and obstruct the security of your accounts. A study shows through Information-Technology Promotion Agency says the plenty of viruses blown up to 52,151 in 2004.

On the other hand, due to various programs that entirely eradicate viruses, there are almost 14,000 viruses that diminished in 2010.

Here are different types of computer virus you must look for.

Browser Hijacker:

This kind of virus pollutes your web browser wherein it will fetch you to diverse websites. Usually, this
virus can attach to the domain in the internet address bar, the browser hijacker that will simply unblock
numerous counterfeit websites that can damage your computer.

Though, various reliable browsers come with in-built features to prevent the contagions. You can protect your system from viruses using antivirus and can buy antivirus online using Amazon Coupon Code with discounted offers.

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Boot/ Directory Viruses:

Directory viruses can convert the file tracks. When you operate programs and software that are diseases with directory viruses, although, virus program operates on the computers. Moreover, it might be tough for you to find the real app or software once the viruses are diseased with directory viruses.

Companion Virus:

This is a sort of virus that even doesn’t live without going with an existing file or folder. The file or folder is attacked by such viruses and it must be open or work. A few examples of companion viruses are Terrax.1069, Stator, and Asimov.1539.


types of computer virus


Direct Action Virus:

Direct action viruses completely outbreak different kinds of files, usually .exe and .com files. The exact determination of this virus is to reproduce and contaminate text files in folders. However, they do not usually remove files or impact badly PC performance and its speed. It is simply eliminated by antivirus programs.

Resident Virus:

Resident viruses always present in the RAM memory. As this virus always inhibits with regular system operation which can promote the exploitation of files and programs. The widespread instances of resident viruses include CMJ, Meve, MrKlunky, and Randex.

Encrypted Virus:

This sort of virus makes use of encrypted nasty codes that get antivirus software tough to identify them. They are only identified when they decrypt themselves throughout duplication. Even though they don’t remove files or folders, they can severely impact computer performance and computer software.

types of computer virus


File Infector Virus:

This virus fully contaminants executable files or programs. When you even operate these programs, the file infector virus is triggered too and this virus attack can sluggish the program and create further destructive effects.

Multipartite Virus:

This sort of virus can simply blowout in your computer system. It is extremely contagious, that acts like unlawful activities in your operating system, in folders, and other essential programs on the PC. They can easily able to contaminate both the executable files and the boots segment.

Overwrite Virus:

This virus completely damages the content of a file and it damages the original content in the computers. It also contaminates folders, files, and programs. To remove this worm, you just need to remove this file. Therefore, it is imperative to restore your data.

Polymorphic Virus:

Polymorphic viruses utilize a distinct technique of encoding or encryption always and they completely contaminate a system. With the help of such antivirus software, it is too tough to detect then making use of signature pursuits. They are also able to repeat simply. Polymorphic viruses comprise Satan Bug, Elkern, Tuareg, and Marburg.

types of computer virus


types of computer virus


Nonresident Virus:

Nonresident viruses reproduce via components. When the component is implemented that will choose one or more files to contaminate.

Stealth Virus:

Stealth viruses attack real files or programs just by interrupting its demands to the OS. Some antivirus software is unable to identify them. From time to time, it for the moment eradicates itself from the system without removal.

Web Scripting Virus:

This virus is present in multiple links, ads, image placement, videos, and blueprint of a website. These might transfer spiteful codes wherein and at the time you tap on; the viruses that will be simply downloaded or will enter directly to malevolent websites.

To stop these viruses from upsetting your computer, it is vital to install the effective and best quality of antivirus software that can easily identify, block, and remove all types of computer viruses. In addition to this if you are looking for a technical officer job then it could be the best chance to try it.


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