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What is satellite communication with its types?


Satellite’s Definition

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Types of communication services: Satellites provide

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Satellite communication Definition

The use of satellite technology in the field of communication is called satellite communications. It provides services like voice calling, video calling, fax, internet, radio channels, and television.

It provides communication capabilities spanning long distances. It can operate under the conditions which are inoperable for other forms of communication.

It plays a vital role in telecommunication. Near about 2000 artificial satellites which are orbiting the earth, they rely on digital and analog signals. These signals carry voice, data, and video to and from one or many locations to others worldwide.


what is Satellite communication


Satellite communication: General definition

In general, a satellite is something that orbits something else.  For example, the moon orbits the earth. According to the communication context, a satellite is a wireless transmitter. It is launched by a rocket. It is placed in orbit around the earth. There are hundreds of satellites that are currently in operation.

Features of satellites:

Some important features of satellites are as follows:

  • The satellites used in satellite communication are in geostationary orbit. Some satellites are placed in highly elliptical orbits.
  • This communication provides global availability.
  • It can landmasses and maritime areas.
  • It can cover large distances quite easily.
  • It provides superior reliability. It needs no terrestrial infrastructure for operation.
  • It provides superior performance and speed is more pronounced than other forms of communications.
  • In the case of satellite, scalability is high.
  • The deployment cost is higher.
  • It is highly used in defense departments.
  • It can provide weather information.
  • We can send a high amount of data using a satellite.


Components of Satellites:

There are two main components of communication. These are:

  1. The ground segment

It consists of fixed or mobile transmission, ancillary equipment, and reception.

  1. The space segment

It is primarily a satellite itself.


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Working of Satellite:

A typical satellite link involves the transmission. It involves the unlinking of a signal from an earth station to the satellite. The satellite receives the signals, amplifies them and retransmits back to the earth. It is then received and amplified by the earth stations and terminals.


what is Satellite communication?


Types of communication services: Satellites provide

There are three types of communication services. These are divided on the basis of their function. The following are services provided by the satellites. You can see below.

  1. Telecommunication

It includes telephone calls, services provided to telephone companies, and mobile, wireless, cellular network providers.

  1. Broadcasting

It includes television and radio, mobile broadcast services, DTH, satellite television, and DirectTV service, etc.

  1. Communications

It allows communication between widely separated geographical points.


Advantages of satellite communication

The advantages and disadvantages are part of every topic. Here advantages are given.

  • It is very helpful for those people who stay in remote areas.
  • The services are very helpful for different departments.
  • It provides the status of the weather.
  • These are portable.
  • They are very easy to install.
  • They are used easily/user-friendly.

Disadvantages of satellite communication

Disadvantages of communication given below. These show the drawbacks.

  • The launching of satellites into orbits is very costly.
  • The bandwidth of satellite is gradually becoming used up.
  • It has a large propagation delay.
  • It is difficult to troubleshoot.
  • It is impossible to repair.
  • It is highly costly and difficult to maintain the satellites.

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