Prototype Model with Advantages and disadvantages

What is the Prototype model with Advantages and disadvantages?


What is prototype model?

What are the approaches of the prototyping model?

What are the advantages of the prototyping model?

What are the disadvantages of the prototyping model?

Prototype Model

What is prototype model?

In the prototype model, instead of freezing the requirements of the project before a design or the code can proceed, a throwaway is prototype is built for understanding the complete requirements of the project. This project is developed on the basis of the initial given requirements.

This prototyping model is known as the “software development model”. An actual feel of the system is given to the customer using this prototype.

This early interaction will help the client to understand the requirements of the desired system. For any complicated system, prototyping is the best idea.

The prototype is not a complete system and many of the details are not even built in the prototype. The main goal of the prototyping model is to provide a system with overall functionality.


Prototype Model


Approaches of the Prototyping model

There are two different approaches to the prototyping model:

  • Rapid throwaway prototyping:

In this approach, a developed prototype needs to be part of the accepted prototype. The customers give feedback which helps in preventing unnecessary design faults and errors.

This way a final prototype is of better quality. This approach gives a useful method of exploring ideas and getting feedback from the client.

  • Evolutionary prototyping:

In this approach, the developed prototype is refined incrementally by the client feedback until it is accepted by the client. It saves time as well as efforts.


Advantages of the prototype model:

The following are the advantages of the prototyping model.

  • A prototyping model reduces the rate of development.
  • A prototyping model reduces the rate of cost as well.
  • A prototyping model requires user involvement.
  • Identifying missing functionality is easy.
  • It encourages innovation in design.
  • It gives flexibility.
  • It gives the client satisfactory results.
  • It is effective for on-line systems.


Disadvantages of prototype model:

The following are the disadvantages of the prototyping model.

  • The prototyping model allows insufficient analysis.
  • The prototyping model is a slow process.
  • The prototyping model needs much involvement with the client.
  • The user remains confused between the prototype and the final system.
  • The prototyping model often becomes expensive.
  • Extending the Prototype creates problems.


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