What is Computer Network and its types.

What are Computer Network and its types?

Basic computer network.

Computer Network and its types.

Types of a computer network.

MAN Network

Basic Computer Network and its types:

There are many networks but the basic computer network is a combination of more than two computers. These computers are connected through different devices to share resources like printer, files, software, etc. These computer networks are set on different buildings, offices, campuses, universities, countries.
Mostly network is linked through cable media such as optic cables or wires. It can also be connected through wireless media such as Wi-Fi. The network consists of nodes. Nodes generally include hosts such as personal computers, phones, and servers. It also consists of networking hardware such as the hub, routers, and switches. Devices are said to be in a network if they share data easily over the network.
These computers are connected with each other through a method called topology.

Top 7 computer network and its Types:

A computer network is divided into many types, but the top 7 are here. These networks are different on the basis of distance and their use. These are the name but you can get more about thees on this website.

LAN stand’s for Local Area Networks
WAN stand’s for Wide Area Networks
MAN stand’s for Metropolitan Area Networks
PAN stand’s for Personal Area Networks
HAN stand’s for Home Area Networks
BBN stand’s for Backbone Networks
GAN stand’s for Global Area Networks

Computer Network and its types


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