Big Bang Model? Advantages and disadvantages.

Big Bang Model? Advantages and disadvantages.


Big Bang Model?

Big Bang Model / Design And Application

Advantages of model

Disadvantages of  model


The Big Bang Model:

The big bang model is of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). This model has no certain techniques to work on a software development project. This model may start with a small and basic amount of money and resources to start with.

This model requires the least planning. It does not follow any formal method. This model is adopted when the customer is not sure about his needs and requirements. The requirements are not analyzed as well.

In this model, the entire focus remains on writing the code and delivering the final project. The requirements are understood and implemented as they come. As no planning and analysis take place that is why this model is riskier than others.


Big Bang Model


Big Bang Model / Design And Application:

This model focuses on all the possible resources in the development of software. The focus also remains on the code. It is with very little or no planning. As soon as requirements come, they are understood and implemented without any planning.

This model is good for small projects. Only two or three developers are enough to work on a project using this model. It is an ideal model for the projects where the requirements are not understood and the final release is not given.


Big Bang Model?


Advantages of bigbang model:

  • The big bang is very simple to model.
  • This model requires very little or no planning.
  • This model is very easily managed.
  • This model requires very few resources.
  • This model gives flexibility to developers.
  • It is very useful for new coming developers.


Disadvantages of bigbang model:

  • This model has high risks.
  • This model has uncertainty.
  • This model is poor for complex projects.
  • The big bang is not good for object-oriented projects.
  • If requirements are misunderstood. Big bang turns to complex and expensive mode.

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