Applications of Satellite Communication

What are the Applications of Satellite Communication with examples?


Applications of Satellite Communication



Satellite Phone


Satellite television

Military satellites

Satellite radio

Satellite internet



Applications of Satellite Communication


Applications of Satellite Communication:

Artificial satellites/ Man-Made satellites are launched into the orbit by using the rockets. These satellites revolve around the earth. Unlike natural satellites like the moon, artificial satellites are used in various applications. These Applications of Satellite Communication are:



  • Navigation
  • Weather forecasting
  • Satellite phone
  • Astronomy
  • Satellite television
  • Military satellite
  • Satellite radio
  • Satellite internet


Here you can see some detail about Applications of Satellite Communication.



It refers to determining the geographical location of an object. The navigation satellites are used to determine the geographical locations of ships, cars, aircraft, trains, or other objects.

For example:

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system. It helps to determine the exact locations of all the above-mentioned objects, anywhere in the world.



It is the estimation or the prediction of the future of the weather. Weather satellites are used to predict the future of weather. These satellites are used to continuously monitor the climate and weather conditions.

They use sensors. These sensors are called radiometers. They are used to measure the heat energy released from the earth’s surface. Weather satellites also predict the most dangerous storms like hurricanes.


Satellite Phone:

The satellite phone is a type of mobile phone. It uses satellites for transmitting signals or information over long distances. If a mobile phone uses a cell tower, it will work only within the coverage area of that cell tower.

Beyond the coverage area of the cell tower, it is difficult to make calls or send messages with the mobile phone. The satellite phone uses geostationary satellites and LEO satellites for transmitting the information.



It is the study of celestial objects like planets, stars, galaxies, and natural satellites, etc. Astronomical satellites are used to study or observe distant stars, planets, and galaxies, etc.

They are used to find new stars, galaxies, and planets, etc.

For example:

Hubble space telescope. It can capture high-resolution pictures of the planets, galaxies, and stars.


Satellite television:

Satellite TV is a wireless system. It uses communication satellites and delivers the television program. Television uses geostationary satellites. It is because they look stationary from the earth. The signals are easily transmitted. The satellite receives the television signal, it amplifies it and transmits it back to the earth.



Military satellites:

It is an artificial satellite. It is used by the army for various purposes.

For example:

Military communication, spying on enemy country, or navigation, etc. Military satellites get secret information from the countries of the enemy. They can detect the missiles launched by other countries in the space.


Satellite radio:

It is wireless transmission service. It uses orbiting satellites and deliver the information or the radio signals to users. It is mostly used in cars. The satellite receives the signal from the ground station, amplifies it, and redirects the signals back to the earth.



Satellite internet:

It is a wireless system. It uses satellites and delivers internet signals to users. The satellite internet has high speed. It does not use cable systems because it is wireless. It uses satellites to transmit information or signals.


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