Advantages of mesh topology

What is mesh topology advantages?


What is mesh topology?

mesh topology advantages

Disadvantages of mesh topology


What is mesh topology?


What is mesh topology?

What are the advantages of mesh topology? In a mesh topology, there is a point-to-point connection to other nodes or devices. Each node is connected to all other nodes. Mesh topology uses two techniques to transmit data. These are:

  1. Mesh topology: Routing
  2. Mesh topology: Flooding

Mesh topology is not flexible.

Diagram of mesh topology

What is mesh topology


Advantages of mesh topology:

Here you can see advantages.

  • Each connection carries its own data load.
  • Mesh topology is robust.
  • Faults can be detected easily.
  • It provides security.
  • It provides privacy.

Mesh topology disadvantages:

Here are some diadvantages.

  • Its installation is difficult.
  • Its configuration is difficult.
  • Its cabling is expensive.
  • It requires bulk wiring.


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