What is email and advantages of email?

What is the email and advantages of email?All detail with examples.


What is an email?

Advantages of email


what is email and advantages of email

What is email

E-mail or Electronic mail is the process of sending messages directly from one computer to another (linked through wire Of wireless connections or computer network). The sender and receiver may be sitting in the same building or anywhere in the world.
It works perfectly only if the intended receiver has the e-mail facility to which the sender is connected.

It reaches to many people with the same reduces the paper flood and does not interrupt meetings as the ringing phone does, The e-mail allows users to send text messages, documents, and images anywhere over the network,
This facility is provided by some special websites called E-mail servers i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. and it works purely in a client-server computing environment.

Advantages of email

Advantages of email over Other communication methods such as:

  • We of communication with anyone has nothing to do with distance or size of can communicate quickly with anyone on the internet.
  • The e-mail usually reaches its destination in a matter of minutes or seconds.
  • The cost of the message, it is a cost-effective way to communicate with friends, colleagues, or business associates regardless of where they are physical.
  • We can send letters, notes, files, data, or reports all using the same techniques. Once we learn how to use the e-mail program. everything is sent the same way.
  • The recipient of working on the computer is not interrupted by the arrival of the e-mail.
    It is put in his mail (on the server) and can be seen and worked upon later, using the e-mail program.
  • The user’s computers may be off when the emails arrive (all Will stay in the server) and can read anytime. They can check the Address of the sender.
  • Therefore, we’re always sure where it is coming from and where it is going to.

what is email and advantages of email

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