What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcam?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcam?


What is Webcam?

Working of Webcam.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcam.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcam


What is Webcam?

A webcam is a small digital video camera, also called a web camera. It is a hardware and an input device which is connected with the computer. It can send live pictures from one location to another by means of the internet. The features of the web camera depend on the software operating system and the processor of the computer. These cameras are usually cheaper than other standard video cameras. Although it is possible to buy a web camera that can do a decent job but still it cannot be compared with the professional video cameras.

The purpose of a web camera is to broadcast videos on the web. These cameras are either attached to the monitor or sat on a desk. A web camera connected with your monitor allows the hacker to use your web camera to spy on you. So, keep your web camera as secure as possible. Web cameras are used for multiple reasons now including security, recording social videos, computer vision, video conferencing and entertainment, etc.


Working of Webcam:

A web camera is an input device and captures digital images. These captured images are then transferred to the computer. The computer moves these pictures to the server. From the server, these images can be transmitted to the hosting page.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcam


Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcam

According to the working of webcam. Following are some Advantages and Disadvantages of Webcam

Advantages of Webcam:

  • Web cameras are low cost.
  • Web cameras allow making face to face communication.
  • Web cameras are easy to set-up and use.
  • Web cameras allow international communications.
  • Web camera allows long-distance education.
  • A webcam is small in size.
  • It is easily available in the market.


Disadvantages of Webcam:

  • The resolution of web cameras is very low as compared to other handheld cameras.
  • Web cameras rely on international connections.
  • Web cameras consume a lot of battery power.
  • Web cameras are not secure and can create security issues.
  • Web cameras require software to be installed on the computer to be used.

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