What is Mouse? Advantages and disadvantages of mouse?

What is Mouse? Advantages and disadvantages of mouse?

What is Mouse?

Functions of mouse

Types of mouse

Advantages and disadvantages of mouse


advantages and disadvantages of mouse


What is Mouse?

As you want to read about Advantages and disadvantages of mouse. But a mouse is a hardware input device. It is used to control the position of the cursor on the display screen. Mouse moves the position of the cursor and can select text, icons, files, and folders on your computer. The mouse is placed on a flat surface like a mouse pad and placed normally in front of the computer.

A mouse is a small handheld input device and it is named as a mouse due to its shape that looks like a mouse tail. Some mouse devices have integrated features like extra buttons which are programmed and assigned with the different commands.

The mouse is considered one of the most important breakthroughs due to ins innovation and because it has reduced the use of a keyboard.

As you try to study the advantages and disadvantages of mouse , read the function of the mouse.

Functions of the mouse:

Below is the list of computer mouse functions that gives you an idea of all the things a mouse is capable of doing.

    • Moves the cursor:

    It is used to move and control the position of a cursor on the screen.

    • Opens a program:

    It is used to open the document when you click or double click on some icon, file or folder.

    • Select:

    It is used to select one file or multiple files at once. it also allows you to select the text or highlight multiple files.

    • Drag And Drop:

    Any of the icon, file or folder, once is selected ca be moved anywhere.

    • Hover:

    When you hover the mouse on some object, you come to know of its function.

    • Scroll:

    The mouse wheel is used to scroll up and down the long documents you open.


Types of mouse:

There are different types of a mouse-like a wireless, optical, mechanical, trackball, and gstick. Let’s talk about all of these.

  • Wireless:

The mouse without wire is called a wireless mouse. These types of mouse use radiofrequency (RF) technology to communicate information to your computer.

  • Optical:

An optical mouse is a computer pointing device. This type of mouse uses an optical sensor, a digital signal processing, and a light emitting diode. This mouse does not have a mouse ball but its movement is detected by sensing changes in reflected light.

  • Mechanical:

This type of is integrated with an internal metal or rubber ball. This ball can spin in all directions. (up, down, right, left). The cursor on the screen moves when the mouse detects the direction.

  • Trackball:

A trackball mouse is also a pointing device like an optical mouse but it consists of a ball that is held by socket and contains sensors to detect the rotation of the ball. The user can roll the ball with finger, thumb or palm to move the pointer on the screen.

  • Gstick:

Gstick mouse looks like a pencil. it can be used for office work, for web browsing, etc. it is very comfortable to the type of mouse. It also has the feature of a scroll wheel that can be manipulated with a finger or thumb.

Advantages and disadvantages of mouse:

Here is a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of mouse. You can read very well about mouse. So the following  are the advantages and disadvantages of mouse.

Advantages of a mouse:

  • It is possible to select options faster.
  • multiple icons, files or folders can be selected at once.
  • It takes very little space.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is very low cost
  • It is readily available.
  • It is of very small size.


Disadvantages of mouse.

  • Some people who have restricted hand movement cannot use it easily.
  • mouse gets damaged easily.
  • They require a flat surface to be used.
  • It cannot be carried with, outside the home.
  • it needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • It is easily clogged with dust.
  • Dragging the mouse makes it difficult to use sometimes.

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