what are software development models?7 stages of system development life cycle

What are software development models?All detail with examples.


What are software development models.

7 stages of system development life cycle.


What are software development models?

A software process is a set of all activities relates to the production of the software.These activities may involve different steps to develop the new or existing system.It can also use for modifying an existing system.

7 stages of system development life cycle:

Following are the 7 stages of system development life cycle.If you follow all these 7 stages of system development life cycle then system will be correct.

  1. Planning or Requirement
  2. Design
  3. Coding
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment
  6. Implementation
  7. Maintenance

7 stages of system development life cycle

Software development process activities:
All the software which to built need below steps.
Software specification:

It define the requirements of the software to be built.It also define the constrains of the system.
Software design and implementation:

When software specification is fulfill then its design is start.In this step coding of the system is started.
Software verification and validation:

When coding is done ,verification and testing is start.In this step we check system is working proper or not.
Software evolution or software maintenance:

When new system is built and its progress is satisfiable then its next step is maintenance.In maintenance we check new thing which increase the working of our system more efficient.It also include some activities such as requirements validation, architectural design, unit testing etc.

Suppose an organization want a new system.All the requirements is given to the programmer.When users requirements will completes,working on design of system starts.After design coding is started.In this way all the steps fulfill their working and new system is ready.There are many method that are adopt to built new system.These methodology are different according to their steps,time,efficiency etc.
Following are the name of the model for the development of system.

7 stages of system development life cycle

These are some models use as a methodology for development of new or existing system.Every model has its own requirements,time-limit,size limit etc.